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This tag kit cleans up the rear end of the Fury. All hardware included. Some minor triming may be required.



Tag Frame For Honda Fury

Price: $48.00


Our license tag frame kit eliminates the ugly factory plastic that hangs down under the fender. Our kit includes a billet tag frame, with a led light strip at the top that can be wired in as a running light or brake light. Turn signals are not included. Any stalk mounted signal can be installed as well as factory signals.



Tag Frame For Suzuki M109

Price: $95.00





This tag bracket really cleans up the rear fender. It comes with a LED cateye tail light, chrome trim frame and turn signals. Turn signals are only avaliable in amber color.

Raider Tag Bracket

Price: $189.00

This tag frame really cleans up the rear fender. It use's your stock tailight ( cutting you stock plastic mount is required-directions are included) It use's stalk mount signals not included. You can choose from a variety of signals. See below.

Raider Tag Bracket w/ stock tail light

Price: $80.00

This raider side mount tag bracket comes with the swing arm covers. The tag bracket and swing arm covers will be raw (ready for powder coat or paint) The kit includes a chrome tag frame and bolt light to light up tag.

Raider Side Mount Tag Bracket

Price: $120.00

This Raider sidemount kit comes with raw swingarm covers, a thin line LED cateye taillight, chrome tag frame, hardware, and instructions. It is ready to paint or powdercoat.

Raider Custom Sidemount Kit

Price: $150.00